Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

Hello all, how are you today? It's only two days left till Halloween! I'm here to share some last minute Halloween card idea with you, it's still time to get it done and use it for gifts giving (since the time is too tight to send by mail unless you send it with express delivery - hehe). Don't worry, it's the thoughtfulness that counts! :)

Here is the card:
I stamped one stamp in another, to do that you have to stamp the pumpkin's stamp above on a scrap paper and cut it out (no coloring required).  Stamp the same stamp on a white card stock, color it and use that cut-out to block out the stamping for the larger stamp. 

Stamped Bat's silhouette from JFF. To stamp bat individually, ink the stamp and block the other silhouettes with tape.

Happy Halloween title from JFF too!

Just For Fun Stamps used for the card:

Don't wait, start creating! :) Thank you for stopping by, Happy Halloween!

- Alexia


  1. What a fun card! I love the pumpkins in a pumpkin and those bats are always fun.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ahhhh this is just dreamy!! Love the vibrant fun colors!!