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My name is Carolyn and I am from the what I think is the best state of all, Minnesota! Who doesn't love bright Autumn colors, mild summers and inches or feet of snow.

I began scrapbooking in 2000 when I got married to my college sweetheart (13 years later) and moved to England for our Air Force assignment. I needed to stay connected to family and friends whilst my husband was deployed  for 9-11 missions. I was busy unpacking our household goods in the tiny house we purchased when I saw the World Trade Center hit on TV. Scrapbooking helped me stay focused, connected and calm while my husband was far away. That was the start of my paper crafting therapy and it turned into a  love/obsession.

I branched out to card making in 2007 and l love every second I create in my studio. It can look like a  tornado zone but I like to call it organized chaos. I seem to collect paper, glitter and animal stamps. I love markers and am obsessed with Gnomes and Hedgehogs. When I am creating, I listen to audio books and my dog snoring. Did I mention that I am a human to one super cute English Cocker Spaniel named Holly Monster? Where ever I go, there she is. I have a 11 yo son who sometimes crafts with me  but he's more into Minecraft than crafting.

I love my life, my family and am truly blessed. I hope you enjoy my creations for Just For Fun Rubber Stamps

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