Thursday, January 20, 2011

On The Road Again...

We just got back from Mesquite, Texas doing our first show for the new year. It was so nice seeing smiling faces from the previous year.

Just a few pictures from our first show...

Aunt Deb's Camera 2 001 

Just some of the luggage...Did I mention the trip was 3 days?

Debby needs a lesson in packing light. (A good girl scout always needs to be prepared.)

Aunt Deb's Camera 2 009 

Break Time! Love , Hannah

Aunt Deb's Camera 2 010 
Hannah, our new demo girl.

Hi Mrs. Bandini! - Love, Hannah

Aunt Deb's Camera 2 008 

After 19.5 hours in the van with Rick and Hannah - this is how you look.


Sandy 1  Sandy 2


Sara 1  Sara 2  


Janine 1 


Roni 1  Roni 2  Roni 3

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