Friday, March 25, 2011

Back from Philly

Thanks for all that came to the show! We know it was a small show this year, but we all had a really good time!

Capturing our trip:


Aunt Deb's Camera 2 253 

The Liberty Bell

Aunt Deb's Camera 2 252

No, Hannah did not put that crack there. :)

Aunt Deb's Camera 2 278 

British Court Room- In front of prisoner box - 'I plead the fifth!'

Aunt Deb's Camera 2 281 

Where our fore fathers signed the Declaration of Independence

Aunt Deb's Camera 2 270 

'I smell horse poop!'

Aunt Deb's Camera 2 285 

Drove by the Mint, but didn't get any cash.

Aunt Deb's Camera 2 293 
In front of Benjamin Franklin's grave.


March was a busy month for Just For Fun, we were on the road twice doing shows and we are glad to be home for a short while.  Hopefully everyone is busy....... making Easter cards.   The design team has posted some very nice Easter and spring cards.  Please, take a look.


Sara 1 


Janine 1  Janine 2


Roni 1  Roni 2


Sandy 1  Sandy 2


Remember, we always appreciate your input!

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