Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bunny House

Celine here with a sweet paper project that you can customize to suit any number of occasions.  Since Easter is fast-approaching, I've used Love U Bunnies as the main image, and lots of pastels throughout.

To begin, you'll need a template that you can find here by Cathe Holden.  Print the template on medium-weight card stock.  I enlarged it to 150%  of its original size before printing.   

Next, I enlarged and printed the templates for the individual panels onto regular bond paper.
Cut out the individual panels, and start decorating!  I stamped a variety of images, layering them in sage green and light lavender inks.  For the roof panels I used Postcard Background and one of the images from the 4 sided Assorted Motifs block.  For the rest of the panels I used Skeleton Leaf, Winter Landscape, Tree in Winter, and Fern.
Part-way through gluing the panels onto the model
Use a stylus or other scoring tool to score the house template where indicated by dashed lines.  Carefully cut out the model using the solid lines as your guide.  Glue the stamped panels to the model (I glued mine to the back side so the guide lines wouldn't show).
Decorative panels are glued into place.

Once everything has been glued into place, flip the model over and put adhesive on the sections indicated in the photograph.  Fold these parts so that they stick to the underside of the roof panels, thus creating the roof-overhang in the final project.
Flip model over, and add glue where indicated.
 Next, add adhesive to the tab connected to what will become the side of the house.  With appropriate folding, gluing and tucking, you will end up with a miniature paper house.  I added Love U Bunnies to the side of the house and had to restrain myself from adding more and more--it's easy to get carried away!

You may glue the roof ridge and bottom flap shut or leave them as is.  If you decide not to glue them shut, you'll be able to collapse the house flat for mailing.
I left the roof ridge un-glued.
Ready for mailing!
I must warn you:  Making these houses is addictive in the best possible way.  Scale the template up or down, add glitz, glitter or bling to the final construction, cut windows, or whatever your imagination dreams up!

Approximate finished size for project shown here: 2" x 2" x 4"

Other Supplies Used:
template by Cathe Holden
various dye-based inks in pastel colors
Prismacolor Colored Pencils

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  1. Great project and a creative way to mail a 3D card!