Friday, September 20, 2013

Paper Clay Charms!

Stamps are just for cards...

This week I've used a couple JFF stamps to make some Halloween charms for a charm swap I'm hosting.

I shaped the paper clay into balls and partially flattened them.
Next I pressed the web stamp into the clay and then the spider.
You have to let the charms dry for quite a while before moving onto the paint stage.  I usually let my charms sit for 2-3 days to be sure they are completely dry.
Paint the entire charm (front & back) with black acrylic paint.
After the paint was dry I swiped on Brushed Pewter Distress Paint skimming just over the top of the charm.
I filled in the spider with Ruby Stickles Glitter Glue then finished the charm off with a red eyelet.
After the Stickles has dried they are ready for action!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
Ink Stained Roni


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