Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Give Thanks

Greetings, Stampers!
Long time, no post from me.  I had a health crisis just after Labor Day, and have not been able to get any crafting in yet.
I just finished chemo treatment 5 (seven more to go, and I hope that will be the last of it).  The meds are making all systems bizarro, not the least of which is the affect on my hands...but enough boo-hooing!

This post card was created by my 14 yo daughter, Laurel.
Laurel spent a l-o-n-g time on the coloring : )  something not possible for me at the moment.
Hoping to get back to my craft room soon.

A blessed Thanksgiving to all of you.

Just for Fun Rubber Stamps used:
 Alphabet Block, Lg, E2677
Tiny Bird (my fav!!!), AA2633
Stamptangle Pumpkin Medium, E3726
Stamptangle Pumpkin Small, C3725
 I wish you a happy "prep day" as we call the Wednesday before the big feast!
This year, hubby, sis, and daughters will do the cooking for me, quite a change from the usual, but I'm sure they'll do great.
All the best!
Celine (Sleen)

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  1. Great job Laurel. Love the little bird on the pumpkin.