Saturday, May 28, 2016

Women Always...

Hi everyone you still have time to join in on the fun with the "Let's Hear It For The Girls" challenge.

 I found at the Dollar Tree store a few years back napkins with a shoe and the phrase "Women always land on their feet...". Since the challenge is about girls I thought that would be perfect to use on a card. Here is what I came up with:
I went ahead and cut the saying out of a napkin for this card.  Because the way a shoe was on the napkin  I could not cut straight across for the land on their feet...section .

I love the Women's Accessory Unmounted Sheet There are all kinds of neat stamps on the sheet. This strap shoe is one  of the many stamps which is on the sheet.

I stamped my shoe first on plastic from a page protector with Stazon Ink. Made sure the ink was dry before turning my stamped image over and painting on the back of the plastic with acrylic floor wax. (I don't wax floors ;-) ) Then placed crumpled tissue paper into the wax and carefully with the brush pushed the paper down into the wax. I then carefully dabbed more liquid wax on and lightly sprinkled some fine crystal glitter. (Alas it does not show in the picture.) Then tore up more of the tissue paper and randomly placed it in the wet wax to get the mottled effect.. I let the wax dry. Then turned my plastic over and used a drop of Liquid Pearls to make the pearl on the shoe. I then took a Sakura Black Glaze pen and colored what would be the rubber part of the heel.  Once the liquid pearl and the ink from the glaze pen was dry I then adhered card to the back and my window cardstock piece for the front.

I love doing this plastic, tissue paper technique. I've done it with and without glitter. Once the wax is dried I've colored on the tissue side my stamped image with color pencils..The tissue paper plastic piece will dry transparent so you can see where to color. I've used Sakura Glaze pens to color on the plastic side. Just make sure to let the ink dry before handling or the ink will smear. The same with your stamped image using Stazon ink. Other inks may work I don't know. Stazon is the one I've always used which doesn't smear once it is dry. If like me you don't wax floor but have acrylic liquid wax left over from making glitter Christmas ornaments  give this technique a try.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back.

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