Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tea Parties with a Child

Our challenge this month reminded me of something I did as a child.
My next door neighbor was a teenager and took time with me
to teach me how to make fudge and
to have make believe tea parties.
She had the tiniest little teacups and teapot
and we would sip sugared water and eat dainty sandwiches.
There were no other little girls on our block 
and I will always remember those special moments with Teddy!

You can imagine my husband's surprise when I came home
from a flea market one day with the tiniest of tea sets
and with the biggest smile on my face.
When there is a little girl wishing she had a friend,
I may schedule a special tea party.

Here are some cards inspired by this memory.

So to my friend Teddy wherever you may be,
I made a special card for you!

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  1. Lovely tale of were lucky. I hope you can find your friend and give her your beautiful card. Thanks for sharing your touched my heart.