Monday, October 3, 2016

Tall Stamptangle Pumpkins

Hi Guys! It's Jeni here from the Scrap Shack with my very first Just For Fun design team post! I am so excited to be on this design team and to be showcasing some of these brand new stamps. This new team is full of talent and you can be sure that there are some awesome projects in the weeks and months to come. 

So let's go ahead and kick things off with a really fun fall card. 

You know, what really drew me to Just For Fun is that they have such a unique and wonderful selection of stamps. For example the whole Stamptangle line! I mean c'mon how fabulous are these stamps?!! The card I created above really came to life when I added the lovely Stamptangle Tall Pumpkin stamp. It turns out that coloring these beautiful stamps is extremely relaxing and loads of fun and the best part is that they are stamps so I can color them over and over again playing around with different color combinations and patterns. 

Not only do we have new stamps but we also have a new design team so make sure to have a look around and then to come back often! Thanks and Happy Crafting! 


  1. I agree, the Stamptangle line is fabulous and unique!

  2. I love the Stamptangle line too. I am just about to start coloring my pumpkin! Neat card and colors, Jeni.

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  4. Fun fall card Jeni! I'm in agreement, the stamptangle images are AWESOME! I don't have the patience to color the details like you did, but I appreciate your work of art. I love your card!