Friday, November 4, 2016

Foiled Stamptangle Pumpkin

Hey ya'll Jenn here again sharing my latest card with the large pumpkin stamp from Just For Fun's awesome Stamptangle collection.
When I first started making this card I wasn't exactly sure what direction I was going in. I knew I wanted to use browns and golds, but I wasn't quite sure how. My first thought was to emboss the image and use some shimmering watercolors, but when I went to grab my Versa Mark I spotted my Minc reactive mist spray and the gears in my head started turning!
I grabbed the reactive mist and a sponge I had laying around. I sprayed a little of the mist onto my craft mat and dipped the sponge into it. I lightly tapped the sponge over the entire stamp making sure I got even coverage. Next, I stamped my image onto some dark brown cardstock. Afterwords, I quickly cleaned my stamp off with a baby wipe so that the glue wouldn't dry onto it.
If you have never used the Minc reactive mist before, you have to make sure it is completely dry before running it through the machine. Normally this takes well over an hour but since it was such a thin coat it was ready in just a few minutes. 
I used a green foil for the stem and a warm gold for the pumpkin. I kept my fingers crossed as I ran it through the Minc. I had no idea if this would work, and my Minc machine and I have not always gotten along!
I was so pleased when I removed the foil pieces and saw a beautifully foiled Stamptangle pumpkin!! The shine on this is amazing!
Pleased with the image I trimmed down my panel and ran my Galaxy Gold ink pad along the edges.
I created a card base out of the same brown cardstock and layered a piece of Neenah Desert Storm cardstock in between. I wasn't sure if I wanted to add a sentiment to this, but it was definitely missing something.
 I finally decided on some shimmering green floss. I wrapped it multiple times around the front of my panel and card base and secured it with a knot. I pulled apart the strands on another piece and made kind of a loose bow that I secured down with a wooden button. 

This was such a fun card to make and a fantastic discovery as well! I definitely plan on using the reactive mist with more of my stamps in the future. 
I love when I take a chance and try something for the first time to have it come out just as I had hoped.
I hope I was able to provide you with a little bit of inspiration today!
Thanks so much for stopping by today and for more details about this card and a full list of all the supplies I used head on over to my blog.


  1. Lovely creation. I've tried different techniques to foil stamped images but none of them have worked well. I'll have to get some of the reactive spray and try this technique. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem Beth! My minc machine and I have a love hate relationship lol. I never had any luck with foiling until i got this reactive mist. I have a halloween card on my blog that talks more about it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask

  2. What a pretty project! The foiling looks great!

    I have to say, I wonder why they are not making a foiling stamp pad if they have this spray, why not?


    1. I totally agree! I have tried so many different ways to foil my stamps and none worked. It just ended up being a waste of money. I was actually considering using a brand new stayz on glue pad and loading it up with the reactive mist instead.