Monday, January 2, 2017

Beautiful Balloons

Jen here today from Scrap Shack Designs, and if you know me at all then you probably know that I adore Just For Fun stamps. They are just unique enough to always stay fun, whether you are coloring, outline stamping, background stamping, or everything in between. 

For today's card I decided to dig out my project life cards and piece together a quick card using the Stamptangle Balloon stamp. I'm always looking to add to my "Everyday" card stash and today's card does just that. 

This card could be used in a number of different holiday's or situations, I kept the colors cool and the sentiment neutral. Think Birthday's, Valentine's Day, or really any everyday thing like the ever important "Thank you's."

To make this card, I stamped the balloon image onto a piece of vellum paper and then I fussy cut it out. This beautifully designed hot air balloon will now be my focal point. I then picked out a number of items from my "accessory bin" and pieced together a small sentiment cluster. When making cluster's I like to keep the number three in mind. As in three pearls, three accessory pieces, I even imagine a triangle laying over the card and use the three points to lay everything out.

Thanks for checking out my creation today! 


 photo JeniLeigh3_zps1223d877.jpg


  1. Such a great, modern card! I love the colors and the vellum!

  2. You did a wonderful job on this card, Jen! Love it!