Monday, November 27, 2017

Evergreens & Inked Hills

Hi guys Jen here with a really quick and fun ink shading technique. Now as many of you know I've done a lot of different background techniques and this one is very similar to the cloud one where you use a stencil to create the background. These different shading techniques are really fun when paired with the just-for-fun stands can I highly recommend if you're new to it just getting a couple of different tools and playing around with them.

 Now for this card I simply took a Sapphire and a Pacifica Inc as well as a Tim Holtz sponge Dauber.

A lot of times I will get asked on how exactly you're supposed to sponge and I don't know if there's any true technique however the one that's always worked for me is to dab across your area and then when you go to add color in dab your sponge in the ink, then sponge onto scrap paper, and then for your second layer come back onto your paper with circular motions.

To achieve the look of snow hills I simply cut out a scrap piece of paper with a wavy border and used that to block my Ink and create the White hills. Start with the top hill and then add the second hill below it making sure to only Ink the top of your stencil not the entire area. Notice how the middle of my hill is still white. 

Those trees are from Just For Fun and are called Evergreen. JFF has a number of wonderful stamps that would work well with this technique and I cannot wait to try it with some other ones. 

Happy Crafting! 


  1. Your shading and hills look terrific, Jen! I love your card.

  2. The snow scene on your card is truly lovely. I can hardly believe the technique is so simple. I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.