Thursday, February 1, 2018

Recipe Thursday...

Happy Thursday! I hope you are all enjoying the start of fabulous February. Are you going to watch the Super Bowl? Do you have any recipes that you bust out just for the big game? I do, well just one and it isn't food. I am big fan of citrus and I love making Orange Julius! It brings back fun memories of shopping and the mall with friends and sitting around the food court.
Here is my make...
I decided to create a recipe card with 2 fun stamps. The first stamp is called canning jar large and the second one is citrus slice. I like being able to decorate my recipe cards as I don't take photos of my done recipes. someday my son will get my recipe book and I hope that having some interesting embellishments will maybe encourage him to try a recipes or two.  
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Cute idea! We have made orange Julius at home for like 20 years! Our recipe is a little different than yours. It’s a great way to get kids to drink more milk, too.

    1. Thanks Heidi, I LOVE Orange Julius and am glad that someone besides myself knows what it is!

    2. I think they still sell Orange Julius at some chain. Maybe Baskin Robbins bought it? I can’t remember, but I have seen it somewhere. We drink it on Christmas morning.